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17 Gennaio 2013

Datalogic tools innovation with launch of new iOS App for advancing knowledge in data collection back

As part of its continuing drive for innovation in enhanced customer solutions, Datalogic has developed a unique interactive app to illustrate the power and potential of today’s mobile data collection processes. The new tool has been specifically designed to demonstrate the ease with which Datalogic’s newly launched line of Skorpio™ X3 mobile computers can allow users to collect and aggregate data in a fast, efficient and ergonomic manner. The app is configured for 360 degree product viewing on an iPad® as a digitally interactive multi-media package - making information on all the features and benefits of the Skorpio X3 available and downloadable by decision makers looking for innovations in automatic data collection.

In order to ensure clarity for users, the Skorpio X3 app is configured to only pop-up the key features of the product demonstrated in a unique way for interactive discovery. The app is available for download at the Apple StoreSM and can also be used to test the configuration of a customer’s existing Skorpio  X3, the results of which can further be shared on Datalogic’s preferred social network.

“Today people want to surf, watch and explore - and make the best of their time. This new tool is testament to the creativity and technological know-how of Datalogic’s product developers and the customer focus they apply to any solution that we bring to market. By capitalizing on what the modern world of technology provides us, such as the iPad and social networking, our customers can now make important business decisions for mobilizing their data by leveraging on the Skorpio X3 app to gather and share essential information in an instant,” says Mauro Sacchetto, Datalogic Group’s CEO.

For Datalogic’s customers, the new app completes the company’s marketing offer with three touchpoints, complementing the Skorpio product brochure and dedicated micro website. All three combine to provide an innovative tool for both the sales force and Datalogic  partners in their client relations.

Datalogic’s Skorpio X3 line of mobile computers innovates and sets an effective standard in the market for inventory accountability and communications tasks centered on the receipt and disposition of goods. It fits a variety of Retail In-Store environments from department stores and supermarkets to specialty stores and DIY hypermarkets.

In the retail supply chain, from back room to shop floor, the new Skorpio X3 mobile computer delivers exceptional ergonomics to alleviate operators’ fatigue, best-in-class ruggedness, computing and data capture technologies. The tailored solution, with an optional pistol grip for demanding environments, provides real time transaction visibility throughout the retail flow.

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