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15 Febbraio 2013

Installation of an eWON 4005CD MPI VPN router into an IPC200 industrial processes training device

Integrating a remote access device, such as an eWON 4005CD with MPI in an IPC200* opens up its educational possibilities and increases the return on investment. Initial scenario Our equipment in the measurement and control systems classroom at CIFP Ciudad de Béjar (City of Béjar, Salamanca, Professional Training Centre) includes a complete IPC200 trainer which incorporates three Siemens S7-313C 2DP programmable controllers. Using this equipment, higher level training cycle students on the Control and Regulation of Automated Systems course can practise their measurement, control and programming skills in automation projects for industrial processes.

Communication with the PLCs was achieved via a point to point connection using the MPI port on each PLC, but this activity required a dedicated PC located beside the training rig and this PC was used almost exclusively for the task of loading programs to the PLC and for SCADA. The dedicated PC was also used to perform the start-up tests, which were carried out by all students, and this restricted the work and made access difficult.

The eWON 4005CD MPI opens up the possibilities

Integration of the eWON 4005 MPI with the training device has been a major advance in the classroom situation as it has improved the way in which the students' training is carried out. Now, we no longer need a dedicated PC next to the training equipment, as the PLC can be accessed from each student's own classroom workstation. After the eWON had been integrated into the Step7 project, access became totally transparent for the students and it eliminated typical connection problems. As there is a direct connection with the PLC, this greatly aids debugging of programs and the detection of programming errors and it means that diagnostic tests can be carried out online. Students are able to monitor the status of variables and can also perform web-based SCADA using viewON. An additional advantage, which is of great value when teaching equipment is operated by a large number of students, is that the useful life of the equipment is protected and extended as we can avoid continually connecting and disconnecting cables which is a common activity in such situations.

Additional training and educational possibilities

Another educational feature provided by the use of the eWON in conjunction with eCatcher and Talk2M is that it provides the teachers with remote access from outside the work centre and this allows them to develop and test new practical exercises, to monitor the system's operational status or other aspects that can be analysed as required.

But the principal advantage, apart from the students' acquisition of knowledge about the advantages and techniques of remote controlled automated systems and skills in operating them just by using the eWONs, is that the combination of the training equipment and the remote control devices enables distance learning. At the City of Béjar Professional Training Centre we are now working on a project to provide students with classroom-based/distance** practical exercises so that they can make a booking to use the training equipment outside the centre's usual opening times and load their programs into the PLC, debug them and test the operation of the activity from their own homes or workplaces. This innovative activity requires some special characteristics as regards its operation, accessibility, control, safety of persons and objects and supervision which are all catered for by the eWON 4005CD MPI.

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