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02 Febbraio 2013

Rockwell's Allen-Bradley SMC-50 Smart Motor Controller

Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley SMC-50 smart motor controller is the latest generation of solid-state motor controllers. This release includes a newly designed three-phase, fully solid-state, silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) power structure. The SMC-50 controller is designed for customer flexibility and combines advanced monitoring and protection features, multiple start and stop options, and expandable control inputs and outputs. Rated at 200V-690V AC and with software from 90 to 520 amps, the SMC-50 controller is ideal for controlling motor speed and torque in a range of normal-duty and heavy-duty applications.

SMC-50 Family Broadens with Addition of Frames C and D

Frames C and D expand the line of SMC™-50 Soft Starters to provide a current range up to 520 A and 17 start and stop modes. These soft starters offer three slow-speed modes and are scalable for light- and heavy-duty industries supporting applications such as pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, and high intertia loads. Features include:

Application scalability

  • normal and heavy-duty ratings
  • expandable I/O and sensor capability
  • network integration capabilities

Switch, LCD, or PC software setup for flexible programming

Optional external bypass

The 20-COMM DPI communication modules let you connect the SMC-50 soft starter to multiple networks, including, DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus, and Profibus. Three hardware expansion ports allow for the addition of optional digital and analog I/O expansion and addition of optimal protection module (PTC, ground fault, current feedback)

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