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02 Febbraio 2013

Phoenix Contact : FL WLAN 5101 offers wireless networking up to 300 Mbps

Phoenix Contact introduces a new industrial WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n radio for high-speed wireless Ethernet communications. The FL WLAN 5101 offers high-speed wireless networking up to 300 Megabits per second (Mbps), meeting the needs of the most bandwidth-demanding applications such as IP-based video surveillance, plant networking and mobile operator access for programming and maintenance. The new “CM” (Cluster Management) technology simplifies wireless network management. All access points in a WLAN network can be easily configured and managed via a single web interface using any access point within the network, without additional costs for expensive hardware or software.

The new FL WLAN 5101 is just 40 mm wide in a metal housing, saving valuable space on the DIN rail.  The data and antenna ports are conveniently placed on the top and bottom of the housing, so that issues with clearance to close the enclosure door are no longer a problem.

The FL WLAN 5101 covers a range up to four times larger than legacy Phoenix Contact WLAN radios. Therefore, a network requires fewer access points, which reduces infrastructure costs.  When incorporated  with the FL WLAN 5101’s access point/repeater mode, the new radios make it easier and more cost-effective  to cover larger areas.

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