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09 Novembre 2012

Power of iFIX on embedded devices

iFIX Embedded delivers the power,scalability and flexibility of iFIX on the Windows Embedded XP operating system. With iFIX Embedded, your HMI/SCADA solution can utilize the wide array of next generation XP Embedded based devices and adopt a consistent software platform at the machine, control room and enterprise levels.


iFIX Embedded runs the iFIX 5.0 code base and delivers the features you've come to expect from a market leading HMI/SCADA platform. iFIX Embedded delivers:

Enhanced visualizations, trending and alarming

SPC and e-signature support

Dynamic language support

Full scripting support

Industrial Gateway Server (IGS) OPC Server


Integration with other systems is also delivered with iFIX Embedded – enabling you to connect to your embedded systems with ease to other peer level systems, line level SCADA, relational databases, MES and or ERP systems.


iFIX Embedded delivers the flexibility to expand so that you can protect your hardware and software investments and adapt to your business requirements – now and in the future. iFIX Embedded includes the capability to act simply as an iClient to iFIX servers or it can operate independently as its own HMI/SCADA server.


GE Intelligent Platforms’ Proficy suite of solutions has helped this company deliver measurable results:

5% reduced raw material usage

4% increased productivity

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