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06 Ottobre 2012

eWON firmware version 6.4s4 is now online

Thanks to the new firmware 6.4s4, Talk2M users will be able to access, in a near future, any web server connected to the eWON router's LAN port directly from their iPad, iPhone or any Android device.

Beyond this, this firmware update fixes a series of bugs and corrects the send of SMS via an eWON as well as the Melsec IO server issue for Mitsubishi Electric PLCs.

For additional information on the firmware update, check these useful link

Upgrade firmware: http://wiki.ewon.biz/Support/07_Download/09_EWON_Firmwares

Download release notes: http://dnl.ewon.biz/eBuddyDnl/download.php?f=release.txt

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