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27 Agosto 2012

Acromag's Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP I/O products

Acromag's Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP I/O products offer a variety of solutions for remote I/O, distributed process control, and factory automation applications. Analog and discrete Ethernet I/O modules interface sensors and actuators to controllers withModbus TCP/IP orEthernet/IP CIP protocol network communication.

Analog I/O

These modules perform A/D or D/A conversion to interface sensors, instruments, and actuators to a control network.

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Digital I/O

These digital I/O modules interface on/off, hi/lo, or open/close discrete logic devices and relays to a control network.

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Multi-Function I/O

These modules combine analog and discrete I/O functions on a single unit.

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Ethernet Switches

These industrial-grade switches provide reliable network communications. Select managed or unmanaged models for copper or fiber-optic cables.

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Software Support

For fast and easy implementation, Acromag offers a variety of utilities and controls to speed development with OPC, Visual Basic, Visual C, and .NET environments.

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Select from an assortment of power supplies, adapters, cables, and mounting kits to simplify installation.

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