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10 Agosto 2012

Micro800 SMS Plug-in  for OEM and Machine Builders

The ProSoft Technology SMS Plug-in Module adds bi-directional SMS text messaging capability to the Allen-Bradley Micro830 family of controllers. Operating over the GSM cellular network, the plug-in module provides a cost- effective and secure method for OEMs to add remote communication features using cellular phones as the user interface to their machines and systems. Applications include remote alarming, environmental/energy monitoring, data collection, machine condition, inventory status alerts and production counts.

The SMS plug-in is activated by installing a standard GSM SMS SIM card (contact your local GSM cellular provider for plan options and costs). After activation it will connect to the local provider tower and enable bi-directional text messaging between the controller and remote cell phones. Because the module uses SMS, there is no need for costly cellular data plans.

The SMS Plug-in snaps into an open slot in the front of the Micro830 controller. The controller provides power and all communications are over the backplane. A sample CCW program is available at no additional cost with plug-in function block drivers and a sample program provided in Structured Text, Ladder and Function Block languages. Programmers may use these sample programs for creating their own projects for message sending, receiving, alarming and machine status.

The front mounted coax connector allows for either a direct-mounted antenna or externally mounted antenna (installed outside the panel or cabinet for better cellular reception). Antennas are not included and must be ordered separately.

Adds bi-directional SMS text messaging to the Micro830 controller family

  • Improves OEM machine and system competitiveness with cost-effective and tailored remote communications
  • Adds significant features such as remote alarming, environmental/energy monitoring, data collection, machine condition, inventory status alerts and production counts

Compatible with GSM cellular networks worldwide using secure Short Message Service (SMS) with whitelist option

  • Deploy the plug-in module wherever it is needed worldwide (pending country approvals) over the GSM cellular network
  • Highly secure using SMS network completely isolated from the end user IT network
  • Whitelist phone number option sets a designated list of allowed incoming originator numbers, thus securing access to only a few designated users

Pre-programmed CCW Function Block drivers and sample program included

  • Shortens development and testing time using industry standard programming languages (Ladder Logic, Structured Text and Function Block)

External antennas supported

External antenna mounting ensures strong and reliable cellular network connections

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