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25 Gennaio 2012

Horner Electric presenta XLe - Il Compatto OCS

The XLe extends the OCS product range with a compact (96x96x57) and cost effective all-in-one controller.  With its 128x64 LC-Display it has full monochrome graphics capabilities and is equipped with built-in I/O. This I/O capability coupled with the dual protocol capabilities, optional internal telecommunication modules, makes the XLe a perfect solution for remote machine control and distributed control systems.

The OCS with its full IEC61131-3 integrated development environment for logic, HMI design, networking and I/O configuration is a very capable PLC with full graphics capability. The operator interface used in the XLe series is a high visibility graphics monchrome display with blue LED backlight offering excellent readability to the user in the most difficult conditions.
I/O & Communications options for any application.

On top of the built-in fixed I/O the XLe can be extended with any of our SmartStix™ and SmartMod™ remote I/O modules. Two serial ports support simultaneous protocols giving the abillity to connect to virtually any serial device. Add a telecommunications module to the XLe and access your machinery or plant anywhere in the world.
Features and benefits:
128x64 LCD screen.
Configurable function keys.
Two serial ports plus optional CAN port.
Standard MicroSD™ support.
Optional telecommunications module (Ethernet, GSM/GPRS modem & PSTN modem).
Supports SmartStix I/O which may be mounted up to 1.5km (6000 ft) from the unit.
Fully compatible with FREE Cscape software for PLC, HMI, I/O and networking functions.
1/4 DIN panel or DIN rail mountable.

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